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S20                             UFB  OF
now enter upon one of tie most important
periods of Humboldt's life, one to which he ever after-
wards referred with love and gratitude. He arrived
in upper Italy and in Milan in October, 1802, and it
is probable that he visited Venice and Florence on the
way to Rome, as he did not arrive in the dwelling
which had been prepared for him, the Villa di Malta,
till the 25th November. This villa and former
summer residence of the knights of Malta, inha-
bited also by the Duchess Amalie of Weimar and
Herder, and now the property of King Laid wig of
Bavaria, is situated at the foot of the Pincian Hill. A
high turret, monasterical. arrangements, many stairs
through outbuildings and wings, a whole club of
houses grouped round lovely gardens, and favoured by
the most beautiful views towards all sides, that is the
seat which has already harboured so many artists and
art friends, men of all nations., and which now became
the residence of the Humboldt family. From the
wing which they occupied they enjoyed the view to
the South-east; the distant prospect over the Cam-
pagna to the heights of Albano was before them, and"
made a never-to-be-forgotten first impression. Frie-
derike Brun, who lived in Rome at that time and in
the same villa, has described their arrival:" After
long waiting, a heavily laden travelling-carriage drove
slowly up the steep ascent. The father has already
descended ; a little child which can walk, and a very
small one carefully wrapped up? are handed out to the
nurses, who have also descended* Now one, two, three